After 18 years in the plumbing and heating industry I am able provide professional advice on all aspects of the Plumbing and Heating industry.

So much work in the building services sector is over-specified, needlessly increasing costs during installation and resulting in works being far more complicated than necessary, often resulting in additional works post-completion.

Erridge Consulting provide CAD drafting and specifications to help you keep your project on budget and crucially, under control.




My speciality in the plumbing & heating industry has predominantly been in the domestic to small commercial sector. I have been involved in designing, maintaining and fault finding in different types of premises including nursing / residential homes, domestic homes, communal blocks of flats, communal office blocks, schools, and factories.

I have worked alongside managers, home owners, maintenance departments, school bursars, company owners/ directors, commercial block management companies, to name just a few.

I offer consultation and/or CAD drawing services in the small commercial and domestic areas listed below.

Alternatively, if you are a specifier or mechanical engineer with relevant engineering qualifications but you are unable to provide your own drawings, I am able to provide CAD drawings for any type of work.
I can make a site visit if necessary or produce drawings based on hand-drawn sketches provided by you.

With over 18 years' experience in the plumbing & heating industry, I can consult on the design, specification and suitability of most domestic and small commercial installations.




Commercial or domestic design and specification to part 'L' building regulations or reports on current systems in place. Schematic CAD plans can be provided for boiler plant rooms. Manufacturers of boilers and controls may be involved in the design process.


I am able to offer a variety of mechanical design visualisations in CAD, within the following areas: boilers, plant rooms, jig and fixture design, heating layout and design, hot, cold and waste water services. I can also provide a drafting service for any electrical engineering works. If you are unable to carry out your own CAD work I can make a site visit to ascertain the position of plumbing components and draft a design with the help of one of your engineers. Alternatively, you can provide me with a hand drawn as-installed drawing for me convert to CAD.


Soil and waste pipe design being in commercial or domestic premises compliant to building regulation part 'H'.


CAD plans can be provided for your bathroom or disabled facility with a specification compliant to building regulation part 'M'.


Design of multiple-use toilets with back-to-wall facilities, cubicle design, hand wash facilities. Specifications can be carried out to parts 'M' and 'H'.


Calibration, installation, survey compliant to Part 'G' of building regulation, EN1111, EN1287 also BS 7942:2011 - Thermostatic Valves for use in care establishments.


I am able to collect keys from the agent or liaise with the vendor of the property to arrange a convenient time to make a visit. I will test and run the heating and hot & cold water services. A report will be provided on the current type of system(s), manufacturers and types of components / controls installed, incoming mains pressure and flow rate readings. Any faults will be provided with the report and projected costs of any further work or what form of upgrades are achievable.


I can provide a report on the current installation of communal services, either in hot & cold water or heating. I am able to service isolation valves, diagnose valve operation and determine which areas or individual flats they isolate.

A valve chart can be provided, showing the identification of each valve.
Schematic CAD plans can also be provided if required.


I also offer feasibility reports for plumbing and heating components to commercial or large domestic systems

If you're wondering whether your proposed installation or system is feasible or not I can make a site visit to ascertain suitability or feasibility.
This can either be in addition to an existing system(s) or a new project/installation. Scope can vary from the fitting of valves, controls, heatmeters, extra pipework for an additional service / supply, additional boilers or warm air units to commercial systems.

I will provide you with a report stating whether what you require is possible or not with the necessary information regarding materials, components, parts etc. The report will include a budget figure ready for tender or for future budgeting.