Erridge consultants can liaise on your project from the ground up.
With 18 years of knowledge in the plumbing & heating sector, designing various forms of domestic and small commercial systems, I can offer a full service including the preparation of a fully detailed specification of works for your project which is read in conjunction with the working drawings I have prepared.

This allows the contractor a full insight into the scope of works required and provides a document that can be priced in a detailed and logical manner.




Projects can be specified for tender by several contractors. I am able to advise on suitable M&E contractors or a Plumbing and Heating company for installation of a project and can coordinate a full tendering process to obtain competitive prices.

I can also prepare and administer the correct contractor for the works and will monitor quality control and administer financial control of the project by way of inspection and certification.

This will ensure that your project is fully controlled and organised and that the works are completed in the correct timeframe.

Keeping your building works on time and on budget with careful specification, detailed CAD drawings and quality control inspections.



  • Early discussions with a client to establish and advise on what form of system is most suitable or ascertain if your proposed system is feasible.
  • Liaising with the contractor on site for the client.
  • Ensuring installation quality for Plumbing and Heating works carried out.
  • Meetings throughout the construction process with clients and contractor.
  • Ensuring contractors are abiding to the specified works and informing the client of any amendments and changes.
  • Final handover of completed works and ensuring the client is informed of how the systems work, ensuring all documentation is in place i.e instructions, as-installed drawings or paper copies etc.
Ensuring quality throughout the construction process.