CAD (Computer Aided Design) is used consistently throughout the Architectural and Design professions. Although there are various CAD programs, traditionally Architects have used Autocad.

Once an object is drawn and saved, it can be re-scaled and details added to it. Furthermore, any object you draw e.g. doors, windows, furniture, can be brought into any future drawing. This enables you to save time and explore alternative ideas easily.




In terms of CAD, concept drawings show the initial idea of any new component or product. These drawings are usually based on sketches, prototypes and design meetings. The drawings greatly assist in explaining a new product or component to others.


I am able to offer a variety of mechanical & electrical design visualisations in CAD, within the following areas: boilers, plant rooms, jig and fixture design, heating layout and design, hot, cold and waste water services. I can also provide a drafting service for any electrical engineering works. If you are unable to carry out your own CAD work I can make a site visit to ascertain the position of electrical components and draft a design with the help of one of your engineers. Alternatively, you can provide me with a hand drawn as-installed drawing for me convert to CAD.


I can provide 2D CAD drawings for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems based on an as-installed drawing or I can draft from scratch. I can initially draft a route on a drawing and you can provide feedback to say whether what I have designed is acceptable. Site visits can also be made to ascertain routes. With regards to heating, I have 18 years of experience in design and outputs required to whatever space, either with blown air or a wet system.


Manufacturing drawings are better known as production drawings or product drawings. They need to include all the information necessary for the production of a component. There are two categories of manufacturing drawings: component and assembly drawings. Component drawings are intended for the machinist, which include all tolerances being angular, linear, geometric including the surface finish. Assembly drawings illustrate how a component fits together, showing and listing all parts with part numbers in different views. I am able to draw components in CAD with all necessary information, ready to be tooled and made at the factory to BS888.


Schematics are system diagrams, either electrical or mechanical. I can create electrical and mechanical diagrams in CAD. These are are usually created in a 2D format using Software such as AutoCad. I use standardised symbols from my symbol library or (should this be requested), your preferred standard symbols. Drawings can be provided in PDF or DWG format or printed.


Shop drawings comprise layouts of shelving, racking and shop floor space, including any electrical, plumbing, heating or air con installation. These drawings enable contractors / shop fitters to carry out work with ease and precision, knowing the exact positions of internal fitments. These drawings will also show mechanical components e.g. AHU or high level gas heaters.


Coordination drawings are drawings based on other building services being either ductwork, plumbing, heating, drainage, cabling, steel work, masonry being installed into a confined space or quite often share the same route during installation. The idea of coordination drawings is to eliminate any conflict between building services. I'm able to meet all parties involved to ascertain what is required and produce 2D drawings without any clashes of building services involved.


I can draft floor plans to scale of any property with any necessary hatching (colours) involved. I'm happy to work with estate agents or land owners to draw floor plans or property boundaries. These drawings can be supplied to agents for use on agency websites and third party sites like Rightmove etc.


As built/ constructed / fitted/ installed drawings. Drawings that represent exactly what has been physically built/ constructed/ fitted/ installed on a project. I am able to produce a drawing once a project is finished, with any amendments. The information can be obtained either by a site visit or simply from being drawn or listed on a paper drawing used on site.


Kitchen plans and layouts comprise the outline of the kitchen, drawn to scale. The layout of the kitchen shows cupboard sizes, positions of white goods, kitchen sink, cooker / oven etc. I am able to make a site visit to draw the initial room size and then add the kitchen layout according to the client's ideas and design choices. The client is then able to purchase the kitchen based on their requirements and supply the drawing to the fitter.


Underfloor heating is generally a wet system with a pipe that runs below the finished floor. There are many different types of underfloor packages for either solid floors, suspended floors or floating floors. I can draw the initial outline of the property or area that is going to have the underfloor system installed. On this drawing, the pipe route from the manifold is drawn within the outline of the property. There may be many different zones to underfloor heating design, so a drawing displaying proposed routes is critical.


Paper to CAD means old, hand-drawn or scanned designs converted into CAD. These types of drawing either come from a scanned drawing or from being initially hand drawn on paper. In the case of hand drawn plans, these may have been created prior to CAD being available or perhaps if the company did not offer CAD as a service. If you have an old drawing that you want to convert to a computerised format, I can help you.


Landscape drawings can show a variety of garden features including trees, herbaceous plants, patios, outbuildings, lawned areas and hard landscaping to name but a few. I have a wide variety of garden elements in different shapes and sizes, to suit the type of planting you are planning. The landscape design can be coloured by hand on a paper print out or hatched in colour using CAD. I am able to make a site visit and meet with the client, landscape gardener, botanical expert etc to ascertain positions of plantings and the layout of the garden or ground concerned. Landscape drawings can either be from an existing layout of your garden / land with planting and landscaping already in place, or I can start from scratch to help bring initial ideas to life.

I can provide drawings printed in sizes: A4, A3, A1, A0 or in DWG, BMP, PDF, DXF, PDF formats. Fixed costs can be provided for any of the above-mentioned CAD services. The number of revisions to each drawing is limited, so I ask for as much information as possible to be provided before any work is started.


Below you will find a selection of CAD drawings for a variety of different industries and purposes.



Showing valves, routes and sizes of ductwork plus pipe runs


Showing the layout design for a domestic property


Typical 2D CAD drafting for a domestic floorplan